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The Giving Season

As the holiday approaches I can’t help but feel that spirit that goes with it,  that wonderful spirit of giving.   I have always believed it is more blessed to give than it is to receive.  I have always had so much fun and joy giving to others.  However this year I am learning the lesson of allowing others to give to me.  It was brought to my attention that sometimes you have to allow people to give to you, if you don’t then you spoil the joy that they are seeking in giving to you .  This is a hard lesson for me, I honestly never really thought of it like that, but it is so very true. I was recently asked to accept a gift that I thought was overly generous, the person needed my address to send it to me.  I tried dodging it but later it was brought to my attention that I could be spoiling their joy in giving.    My positive thought for this week is enjoy giving to others but allow that joy to be returned by allowing others to give to you.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  STAY POSITIVE ~Sara

Merry Christmas - trees


Realizing what we can and can’t control can make a difference

There are times when I think it is best to sit back and look at a problem from different  angles.  I sometimes have to remember what I can and can’t control.  In this world we really only control what we think, feel and how we act.  Many of the things we say and do can have an influence on others,  but it can never make them do, feel or act in a  certain way.  Sometimes it is  best  to make changes about how you feel towards something or how you choose to act towards a certain person.  When we change our thinking about a situation we  find other options to fix it or accept it.  When we choose to act differently towards another person it can change the relationship and sometimes improve it.   When we choose to not let the words or actions of another affect how we feel   then again the problem or situation has less of an impact on us.

Here is my STAY POSITIVE thought for the week. ~Sara

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Thankful for Family

As the American holiday of Thanksgiving approaches I thought it would be an awesome time to show appreciation for family.  We lean on our families in difficult times.  They are the place we go when we are searching for truth and honesty. They are what keeps us up when we are feeling down.  We can fight with them and always  receive  their forgiveness. They are there when we need help and support.   They know who we truly are yet love us anyway.  They are the unit that continues to grow and never fades away.  Take a moment to think about your family and all that they mean to you.  I know that I am truly blessed.  My unit may be small but its not the numbers but the love, support and acceptance that matters.

That is my STAY POSITIVE thought for the week.  Happy Thanksgiving. ~Sara

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Is that a random act of “pure kindness”?

After reviewing an interesting post about kindness from my friend T.K. I started to really think about kindness and what it means to me.  There are different types of kindness in this world.  Sometimes we are kind because we feel obligated to do so based on family or business.  Sometimes our act of kindness is expected because, well, without it, we will look like a jerk. Other times we are kind because it will get us some where in life.  We will be recognized as being the ‘nice guy’ or the ‘good person’.  So the question is “is this really kindness?”  Well the dictionary defines kindness as “The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate”.  So then yes based on the dictionary then that is kindness.

I think then that there are two types of kindness one from our soul and one from the ego.   I think that  “pure kindness”  is something from your soul. It is an act that is done selflessly and is given without any expectation, obligation or recognition.   I believe as people we do this time and time again but it is not always seen.  Many people donate anonymously, looking for nothing in return.  Many people volunteer and help others. We smile, or go out of or way for someone else.   Look at all we do for our families, sometimes it’s not out of any obligation or expectation but just pure kindness or love.

That is my STAY POSITIVE thought for the week



It’s Okay to Ask for Help…

“When I need help I ask, when others need help I give it”  Sara

Many people feel that asking for assistance is a sign of weakness. I believe it is a sign of strength. When you ask for help whether on a project, to move furniture or advice on a problem, you are acknowledging the  fact that you have limitations and that you need others.  We are all very knowledgeable  in certain areas but not in all,  so we need each other.

Sometimes there are very stubborn people in the world (like myself)  who resist the urge to ask for help and do it all themselves.  I believe at times this is okay because it pushes us to learn and grow.  However when you begin to stumble, feel burned out, or your project isn’t going well  it’s important to acknowledge it and realize  it is okay to”ask” and most people are more than willing to lend a helping hand.

On the flip side there are also people in this world who are always asking for help and never learn to to do things for themselves.  Those people I believe are selling themselves short.  A little struggle is good, it helps us  to grow and learn.It is best to keep a balance.  Attempt things on your own first, if you find you are at a standstill acknowledge your needs and ask for some help.

Here is my STAY POSITIVE thought for the week.


My Attitude=POSITIVE

Being a positive person doesn’t mean I don’t ever feel angry or sad.  It doesn’t mean I am always in a good mood.  It means that I acknowledge how I feel, analyze why and I figure out what I can do with it so that I can move forward. Being positive is a way of life and an attitude. There are times when I want to vent or have a pity party.  I limit it to just a few minutes since feeling sorry for myself really isn’t very productive.  I think it is important to feel what you are feeling and don’t deny it. Figure out why your are feeling that way and work through it.  What happened? What can I do about it?  If there is nothing you can do then ask yourself what did I learn from it?  Move forward, change the way you feel by changing your thoughts.  Think about something else.  Have your inner dialect move on to a different subject.

Being a positive person I am not ALWAYS happy.  I look at the brighter side of every situation and move forward in a positive light.  I remember things could always be worse and I count my blessings.  I remember every problem is my challenge and I will grow and learn from it.

This is my STAY POSITIVE thought for the week ♥

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Take time out for YOU

It is so important to take time out for ourselves.  We live in such a busy world that sometimes we are doing so much that we ignore what our bodies are telling us.  Sometimes we feel stressed, depressed or just plain overwhelmed. Take a deep breath and remember that you have needs too. Listen to what your body is  telling you.   Do you need some play time for yourself?    Remember we need to take a break and take care of ourselves as well.   Go out and do something for youself.  Even if it is just for a few hours,  it can make you feel refreshed, relaxed and renewed.  When we feel better we are able to focus and perform at a higher level.  We tend to enjoy being active and doing more when we don’t feel so tired and overwhelmed.

YOU are important,  take some time for yourself.

That is my STAY POSITIVE thought for the week.

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