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Realizing what we can and can’t control can make a difference

on 11/25/2012

There are times when I think it is best to sit back and look at a problem from different  angles.  I sometimes have to remember what I can and can’t control.  In this world we really only control what we think, feel and how we act.  Many of the things we say and do can have an influence on others,  but it can never make them do, feel or act in a  certain way.  Sometimes it is  best  to make changes about how you feel towards something or how you choose to act towards a certain person.  When we change our thinking about a situation we  find other options to fix it or accept it.  When we choose to act differently towards another person it can change the relationship and sometimes improve it.   When we choose to not let the words or actions of another affect how we feel   then again the problem or situation has less of an impact on us.

Here is my STAY POSITIVE thought for the week. ~Sara


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