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Happy Thanksgiving

happy thanksgivingHere we are again my favorite holiday. I don’t have to buy gifts, fuss with wrapping them or be concerned if people will like their presents.  No hussle no bussle.  Just a wonderful time to relax enjoy good food and loving family.   I also like to use this time to reflect on all the things I am grateful for such as my health, family and my home.   Not just Thanksgiving but everyday it is important to take a moment to be thankful for what you have.    Life is full of so many changes and challenges it is important to enjoy and be thankful for where you are and what you have.   Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and THANK YOU for taking the time to read my blog.






Over the past few days I have been thinking about other peoples comments.  It occurred to me that we give a lot of power to others opinions and what they have to say.  A friend of mine wrote a wonderful story had 43 5 star reviews and 6 one star reviews and his focus was on the 6 one star reviews, Why?  I was listening to a friend tell me that her party felt ruined when a friend commented on how much weight she had gained.  Why did she focus on that and allow it to ruin her party? Why do we say we have had a terrible day when really it was just a few terrible moments?

I want to express that our focus should be on what is positive not what is negative.  We are also blessed with the power to control how we want to feel about others opinions and comments.   What people say and do is a reflection of who they are and usually has nothing to do with you.  Remember it is your opinion that really matters.



So in the next few months I will turn 45.  Okay, so where did all that time go?  I was just 20 yesterday.  My mind thinks I am 12 but my body is realizing that I am getting older.  I see additional wrinkles, body parts are heading south and the middle age spread has occurred, never mind the raging hormones.  This is all just part of the aging process.  I may not like losing my youth but I am loving living this life and all it has to offer.

In my life there have been influential people that have been older than me and I have watched them  embrace life in such a way that I never forgot how they lived or what they did.  How awesome to have a grandma that can go skiing with you.  Or a grandpa what can roller blade with you.  I have seen older people that embrace life and live it fully.   They are never fearful to take vacations away from their home, learn new things or to step out of their comfort zone.  I often wonder if this is a lesson that we learn later rather than earlier in life.   Either way I am thankful that I have realized this now.

So my positive thought is “Embrace life, live it to the fullest, have fun, be kind and enjoy”



we all have a choice

Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about choices.  How many times do you hear someone say they “don’t have a choice”?  This can refer to a job, family situation or friends.  We always have a choice.  We can choose to stay in a job we dislike, choose to stay with someone, choose what we want to do.  People will say they don’t have a choice because it is easier to stay where they are at and not make a major move or shake things up.  It is also easier to say you don’t have a choice because choosing causes you to take responsibility and accountability for your actions.  When we make the decision to have a choice we give ourselves freedom and power over our actions.  Think about it next time you comment that you don’t have a choice,  remember that you do and that you are choosing to do something because of the consequences and outcome that it brings.  Remember having a choice gives you freedom.  Have a wonderful week.  ~Sara


Positive Thoughts For a Bad Day.

Everyone has days when it seems like nothing is working out to your benefit.  The boss is mad, you had a fight in the morning with your spouse or your child.  You are down or feel frustrated.  You keep making mistake after mistake.  We all have days like this.  Thank goodness it is not like this everyday. When we are having a bad day remember to take a breath and keep thinking positive.  There are times when I have to keep repeating the same positive thoughts just to get me through.  Remember tomorrow is a new day and things will improve and you will be okay.  This is my STAY POSITIVE thought for the week. ~Sara

positive thoughts

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Poem “On The Brighter Side”

I wanted to share this.  Thank you so much Abhishek Kumar Singh for writing this 🙂



today let me take you away,
from this world
no , not too far with this steady pace
a place , a space , a palace
so bright , perfect
and apart from the dark

where , there is no cuffed heart
-stucked in riddles of dos’ and donts’
where we can breathe
the airs of holyart
and where calmness never arrives
for the depart

let me take you away,
from this world
where we ,hear what the world -audibly sounds ?
where , we can see the world of us -all around
and where no more we’re bound
with the sounds that surrounds us !
in this world ,
that we could’ve earlier found

let me take you away,
from this world
where our skin could feel the showers
of dust
and where ,
we can smell ,flora in a gust
where , iron stays away from rust
and where,
theres’ neither the deception nor disgust
where , there’s only ,
only the satisfactions’ lust !
and we can taste the elixir in ,
in the poisons’ gush
wheres’ only , only -the silents’ rush

let me take you away,
from this world
where , we love our rags and
adore the music of this perfect world ,
that i’ve unchained from my torn bags
in a manner you all , havent’ heard !

where , we can paint the sun
that could set beyond our words
and where , we can compose
this scene with,
the rhythm -of airborne birds
nothigs’ bad , where nothings’ absurd

cuz’ there ,
the dark blows away
just by a spark in rains
and our lifes’ carton -no more contain
the eternal pains
and where ,
evil in this world , no more remains
no more he reigns

let me take you away,
from this world – let me take you away
from this dark , on the brighter side !

-thanks to you ” sara wales ”

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2013 Will Be A Great Year!!!!

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.  I have multiple goals that I want to accomplish in 2013.  I bet you do too.  This coming year will be the year of discipline.  I feel I will need more of it to reach the expectations that I have placed upon myself.   Expectations are good they help us to strive for success.  My expectations have to do with improving myself, not about money.  I hope to become a better person next year than I am this year.   I know I can do this since I will work hard, focus, have faith and persevere.  You can do anything you want if you just believe, work hard and persevere.  That is my STAY POSITIVE thought for the week.

new-years-day-69185_640   Happy New Year Everyone!!!!  ~Sara


The Giving Season

As the holiday approaches I can’t help but feel that spirit that goes with it,  that wonderful spirit of giving.   I have always believed it is more blessed to give than it is to receive.  I have always had so much fun and joy giving to others.  However this year I am learning the lesson of allowing others to give to me.  It was brought to my attention that sometimes you have to allow people to give to you, if you don’t then you spoil the joy that they are seeking in giving to you .  This is a hard lesson for me, I honestly never really thought of it like that, but it is so very true. I was recently asked to accept a gift that I thought was overly generous, the person needed my address to send it to me.  I tried dodging it but later it was brought to my attention that I could be spoiling their joy in giving.    My positive thought for this week is enjoy giving to others but allow that joy to be returned by allowing others to give to you.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  STAY POSITIVE ~Sara

Merry Christmas - trees


Realizing what we can and can’t control can make a difference

There are times when I think it is best to sit back and look at a problem from different  angles.  I sometimes have to remember what I can and can’t control.  In this world we really only control what we think, feel and how we act.  Many of the things we say and do can have an influence on others,  but it can never make them do, feel or act in a  certain way.  Sometimes it is  best  to make changes about how you feel towards something or how you choose to act towards a certain person.  When we change our thinking about a situation we  find other options to fix it or accept it.  When we choose to act differently towards another person it can change the relationship and sometimes improve it.   When we choose to not let the words or actions of another affect how we feel   then again the problem or situation has less of an impact on us.

Here is my STAY POSITIVE thought for the week. ~Sara

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Thankful for Family

As the American holiday of Thanksgiving approaches I thought it would be an awesome time to show appreciation for family.  We lean on our families in difficult times.  They are the place we go when we are searching for truth and honesty. They are what keeps us up when we are feeling down.  We can fight with them and always  receive  their forgiveness. They are there when we need help and support.   They know who we truly are yet love us anyway.  They are the unit that continues to grow and never fades away.  Take a moment to think about your family and all that they mean to you.  I know that I am truly blessed.  My unit may be small but its not the numbers but the love, support and acceptance that matters.

That is my STAY POSITIVE thought for the week.  Happy Thanksgiving. ~Sara

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