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Selflessness taught by a child

I do believe we are here to learn lessons, love and care for one another.  Becoming a parent was one of my biggest lessons of selflessness.  My life became all about my daughter and her needs not so  much my own.  As a mother I think you are gifted with a certain ability to tune into your child. When your child hurts you hurt, your heart is tugged by all of their life lessons.  I found that there are so many things I couldn’t teach her but that living life would.  I became selfless.  It doesn’t matter if I had  new clothes but my daughter always had them.  At Christmas there were times when my husband and I would exchange very little but we always made sure our daughter had enough.  We have always found a way to pay for summer camps, braces and the extras that she has wanted or needed.  We found so much joy in giving to her.  Volunteering in school and the extra activities were a labor of love no matter how tired I was  physically or emotionally.  As she and I grow older I am very thankful for all my efforts.  I see a beautiful, intelligent, warm and loving person emerging.  I believe in time she will become one of my best friends.   The most important thing to Dan and I has always been to have a warm, loving and healthy relationship with our daughter.