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Poem “On The Brighter Side”

on 02/05/2013

I wanted to share this.  Thank you so much Abhishek Kumar Singh for writing this 🙂



today let me take you away,
from this world
no , not too far with this steady pace
a place , a space , a palace
so bright , perfect
and apart from the dark

where , there is no cuffed heart
-stucked in riddles of dos’ and donts’
where we can breathe
the airs of holyart
and where calmness never arrives
for the depart

let me take you away,
from this world
where we ,hear what the world -audibly sounds ?
where , we can see the world of us -all around
and where no more we’re bound
with the sounds that surrounds us !
in this world ,
that we could’ve earlier found

let me take you away,
from this world
where our skin could feel the showers
of dust
and where ,
we can smell ,flora in a gust
where , iron stays away from rust
and where,
theres’ neither the deception nor disgust
where , there’s only ,
only the satisfactions’ lust !
and we can taste the elixir in ,
in the poisons’ gush
wheres’ only , only -the silents’ rush

let me take you away,
from this world
where , we love our rags and
adore the music of this perfect world ,
that i’ve unchained from my torn bags
in a manner you all , havent’ heard !

where , we can paint the sun
that could set beyond our words
and where , we can compose
this scene with,
the rhythm -of airborne birds
nothigs’ bad , where nothings’ absurd

cuz’ there ,
the dark blows away
just by a spark in rains
and our lifes’ carton -no more contain
the eternal pains
and where ,
evil in this world , no more remains
no more he reigns

let me take you away,
from this world – let me take you away
from this dark , on the brighter side !

-thanks to you ” sara wales ”


One response to “Poem “On The Brighter Side”

  1. Abhishek Kumar Singh says:

    thnxx sara….

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