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Just Be

In my world I notice people especially mothers who are always busy doing for their children and families.  I notice in the working world that employees are always busy doing for their employers.  People are always so busy rushing around and doing something for themselves or someone else.  I wish the world would slow down and people could stop doing and just be for a few moments.

Look around our amazing world.  Take everything in with your senses.  Take a few minutes to reflect on your inner world.    See and feel what a miracle it is to be here and to be part of life. Just be. 

Everyday I think it is important to take those few moments to Just be.  I think it can help us feel less stressed and maybe a little bit happier.

That is my STAY POSITIVE thought for the week.

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Think, Act, Be and Stay♥

Think happy thoughts that make you feel good.

Act in a helpful way towards others

Be kind and loving towards others.

Stay focused in the now

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Self Love♥

Self love is vital for a happy and fulfilling life.  Self love is attained through a positive relationship with yourself.  Ask yourself,  how do you feel about you?  What do you think about you?  How well do you care for you?  These are all important questions that reflect how you care and feel about yourself.

Self love is a process like any other relationship except this is a relationship with yourself.  Think about a relationship you have with someone you love, a spouse or a child.  You have accepted them for who they are, correct?  You take the good  with the bad, you are forgiving.  You care about their feelings, you don’t let others take advantage or hurt them.  Now look at yourself.  Do you do these things for you as well?

YOU are important YOU matter.  It is important that you take care and love yourself.  Discover who you are and what you stand for.  Accept and appreciate yourself for all your wonderful qualities.  No one is perfect we are all unique.   When you start to take better care and love yourself , you will feel better and happier.  You’ll  gain more confidence and self esteem. Your relationship will grow and you will love yourself more and more.

That is my STAY POSITIVE  thought for the week. ♥ Sara

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Worried?? Try changing your thoughts.

Many of us worry.  We worry about our kids, spouses, jobs, money etc.  When we worry we are wasting valuable time and emotional energy.  We are losing out on the moments that we should be enjoying.  Unfortunately when we worry we are using our energy in a non productive way.  So how do you stop from worrying?  I have found that if I change my way of thinking to something pleasant I can begin to feel better. I tell myself  that everything will be “okay” and that I need to think about something else.  I  try to think of upcoming plans, vacation, my family or friends.  Sometimes when I begin to worry I call on a friend to chat,  or I read a book.    I find that if I consistently change my thinking when I begin to worry that I worry less and less.  Try this little idea and see if it helps you with worrying.   That is my STAY POSITIVE thought for the week.