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Worried?? Try changing your thoughts.

on 06/16/2012

Many of us worry.  We worry about our kids, spouses, jobs, money etc.  When we worry we are wasting valuable time and emotional energy.  We are losing out on the moments that we should be enjoying.  Unfortunately when we worry we are using our energy in a non productive way.  So how do you stop from worrying?  I have found that if I change my way of thinking to something pleasant I can begin to feel better. I tell myself  that everything will be “okay” and that I need to think about something else.  I  try to think of upcoming plans, vacation, my family or friends.  Sometimes when I begin to worry I call on a friend to chat,  or I read a book.    I find that if I consistently change my thinking when I begin to worry that I worry less and less.  Try this little idea and see if it helps you with worrying.   That is my STAY POSITIVE thought for the week.



4 responses to “Worried?? Try changing your thoughts.

  1. Gloria says:

    Sara, you are so spot on with this way of thinking. As hard as it seems to let go of things you cannot change or actually stop thinking ahead about things that you are afraid might happen, your method does work. I am a gardener and that gives me the escape I need..Simple things can be mind altering. I hope everone takes your advice.

  2. I totally agree with you both, Gloria and Sara. I believe that worrying is thinking about all the things that can go wrong. If you change your thinking to envisioning what can go right, then your whole attitude changes. And that’s all it takes – just changing your thinking.

  3. sarawales says:

    I appreciate your comment thank you Gareth ♥

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