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Take time out for YOU

It is so important to take time out for ourselves.  We live in such a busy world that sometimes we are doing so much that we ignore what our bodies are telling us.  Sometimes we feel stressed, depressed or just plain overwhelmed. Take a deep breath and remember that you have needs too. Listen to what your body is  telling you.   Do you need some play time for yourself?    Remember we need to take a break and take care of ourselves as well.   Go out and do something for youself.  Even if it is just for a few hours,  it can make you feel refreshed, relaxed and renewed.  When we feel better we are able to focus and perform at a higher level.  We tend to enjoy being active and doing more when we don’t feel so tired and overwhelmed.

YOU are important,  take some time for yourself.

That is my STAY POSITIVE thought for the week.

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Just Be

In my world I notice people especially mothers who are always busy doing for their children and families.  I notice in the working world that employees are always busy doing for their employers.  People are always so busy rushing around and doing something for themselves or someone else.  I wish the world would slow down and people could stop doing and just be for a few moments.

Look around our amazing world.  Take everything in with your senses.  Take a few minutes to reflect on your inner world.    See and feel what a miracle it is to be here and to be part of life. Just be. 

Everyday I think it is important to take those few moments to Just be.  I think it can help us feel less stressed and maybe a little bit happier.

That is my STAY POSITIVE thought for the week.

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Think, Act, Be and Stay♥

Think happy thoughts that make you feel good.

Act in a helpful way towards others

Be kind and loving towards others.

Stay focused in the now

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