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Ageless Soul

on 05/15/2013

forever young    After spending a week in a nursing home caring for a close friend I came to realize that we are all very young on the inside.  None of us want to age or grow old.  Unfortunately this is part of the aging process and is meant to teach us a valuable lesson.  I ponder what that lesson may be.  Perhaps it is a chance for others to give back to you and show you how much they care for you and your well being.  This of course could be different for each person.  I hope my week with my friend showed him that I cared for him and his well being.  We must remember just because someone’s body is older doesn’t mean that their mental state is older.  I do believe our soul remains “forever young”.

Not quite a positive thought for the week but something to ponder.  ~Sara


6 responses to “Ageless Soul

  1. Sara, I love your article this week. I think helping someone when they are older is especially wonderful. I wish I lived closer to my mother and dad so I could do all the things they aren’t able to do any longer. I miss working beside my dad in the yard or in the kitchen making pies or popcorn balls with my mom. Thank you for taking the time to help an older friend. ❤

    • Sara Wales says:

      Thank you so much Linda. Ed was a wonderful man, just like family, we had him at all the holidays and celebrated his birthday each year, he would have been 99 this year. He passed unexpectedly Sunday. He will be greatly missed.

  2. Agree with you Sarah, while we may physically age, our wisdom forever grows and our souls stay young for eternity..age is just a number and being young is an attitude. Thanks for the nice post. (I just published a post today reminiscing the old..check it out when you can)

  3. utesmile says:

    I agree even we feel younger than our age, and I think we always will do. My mum is 87 and she told me she feels like 60, just the body doesn’t quite go with it as her knees give her trouble.Young at heart and mind is great. 🙂

    • Sara Wales says:

      So glad to hear your Mom feels so great. My mother in law is the same way, she acts 40 even though she is 68. We are blessed to have such inspiring role models : )

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