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Standing Alone

on 02/21/2013

There are times when we are put in situations that challenge our feelings, morals and ethics.   The decision we must make  is a tough one and may put us in the line of fire with friends, colleagues, family or neighbors.  How many of you have been put in this position?  I am sure we all have at one time or another.  Some people make their decisions based on other’s opinions or thoughts.  Some people fear standing alone for what they believe in and tend to get lost  following the crowd.  I am here to tell you that it is OKAY to stand alone for what you believe in.  We need people who are willing to take a stand for what they believe.  Just one person doing this can make a difference and inspire courage and change.

right choice to stand alone

That is my STAY POSITIVE thought for this week.



8 responses to “Standing Alone

  1. Nice and you´re right- it does take strength and thick skin to not follow the crowd! but if you stay true to yourself you´ll soon find like minded people on the way. Stay positive 🙂

  2. T.K. Coleman says:

    Right on point, Sara. Reminds me of a time in grade school…some kids were smoking cigarettes and my brother said he wasn’t comfortable with it. When one of the other kids, who was busy smoking, hear him, he threw his cigarette out and also declined to participate. Sometimes, although not always, when we exercise the courage to stand alone, we give others the strength and inspiration they need to be to make the choices they really wanted to make. Great post. I love your writing and your spirit. -TK

  3. gloria says:

    You are so insightful, and have such a clear vision. Right on target…

  4. noirfifre says:

    This made me 😀

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