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on 01/12/2013

Have you ever wanted to do something but your FEAR got in the way?  Have you thought about a new endeavor but wondered what people would say or think?

One of the biggest things that holds us back from so many opportunities is FEAR.  We FEAR the unknown, what might happen or what people will think.  FEAR is something we must overcome in order to move forward and do what we want to do so that we don’t have regrets.  We have one life to live and it is our job to live it to the fullest.

Think of some of the things you are afraid of and ask yourself why?? Look at what you are afraid of with a different perception.   Think of the positive outcomes that could happen if you do what you are afraid of??  What then??  Remember getting out of your comfort zone and doing things you fear helps you grow as a person and soon your fear is gone. I can remember be little and afraid to sleep in my room at night because I was scared of the dark.  My parents assured me I was safe and there was nothing to fear.   Night after night they continued to make me sleep in my room until soon I wasn’t feeling scared anymore.  As children our parents made us face our fears so that we would over come them. We must push ourselves as adults  to do the same thing. . We just have to move forward and endure until there is nothing to fear.  Find the positive and think how proud you will feel once you have faced your FEAR.   That is my STAY POSITIVE  thought for the week. ~Sara



4 responses to “Fear

  1. utesmile says:

    Very true, and it is sometimes hard to jump over your own shadow, and do new things and ignore other’s opinions. We should still live as we want to live and enjoy a full life. So facing hte fear is the best.

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